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On March 9th I delivered my Jeep to Backwoods Off-Road in Grants Pass, OR for an engine swap. I have been agonizing about this for months. I had bought a used Rimmer supercharger kit that I was going to try and make work on my TJ as it was designed for a YJ. I finally decided that I would just get it done & done right.

I am getting a Dodge Magnum 5.2l (318 cid) V-8 with a 4speed automatic transmission. Once I get pictures I'll be sure to add them.


Well this is the Jeep all tore apart waiting for the engine swap.


This was the test fitting and then the mounts being welded in place.


The wiring is all done. Once it is all back in place it is pretty hard to tell it isn't stock.


The final assembly with the shifter & brake pedal in place. For me and my injuries it is easier to drive and auto tranny now.


Well I had HOPED to get the Jeep back in to to have it ready for a trip to Moab. But such was not case.

So here is the Jeep on a trailer coming back home on the day I was suppose to be headed to Moab.