My Son

After I was wounded my parents called my son. We had parted company right before I was deployed with harsh words. So when we got to see each other again it was rough. I bought him a 1989 Jeep Cherokee for a father & son project.

My son is from my first marriage and he is 22 right now. In Sept 04 he decides that he wants to join the Army.



Here he is at the MEPS station in Seattle swearing into the Army. He is currently at Ft Benning, GA doing his basic training & infantry school. He will be assigned to the Striker Bde. once he finishes training. Well just to update things.

Josh got sick while he was at basic training. He did not get better so they ended up discharging him.

Now that he is home he is trying to get him life back in order. I am not sure what his plans are yet. He did trade his Jeep Cherokee for a 1975 Scout II.



Okay it is March 07 now and Josh is over here at my house visiting. We are trying to do an engine swap on his 92 VW Jetta. He blew up the engine last summer when the water pump went bad. So he has been working on trying to get everything together do do this swap.



So I went over to his house and we loaded his Jetta up onto my trailer. Got it over to my house and he started working on it the next morin.



So as we were taking the old engine apart we realized that the engine he had bought was not the right one for his car. So now we are back to looking for a engine. Well Josh got a new engine and installed it himself with a little coaching from dad. It lasted about 3 months and then blew up again. So he is done with his Jetta.


He was again without a rig for about 6 months while he saved some money.

Good old dad was messing around on Craig's List and found him a 1993 Ford T-Bird that is in great shape for $400. So he now has a good running rig again.